Horse/Pony Massage using Equissage in DRIFFIELD, Victoria for sale

Horse/Pony Massage using Equissage
Horse/Pony Massage using Equissage
Horse/Pony Massage using Equissage
Horse/Pony Massage using Equissage

My name is Mary, and I have just started my registered business, "Gippsland Equine Massage Service".
I have a Certificate in Equissage, as well as Certificate II in Horse Operation Industry.
My passion is horses and helping people, which is why I chose this career path.
I use Equissage equipment for the sessions, and the results are amazing.
You can visit the Equissage website: to find out more information, or you can view videos by typing, "Equissage" in YouTube.
Peter Moody, the trainer of Black Caviar highly recommends Equissage and still uses it to this day. There are many other high profile people using this device as well.
Known issues that Equissage can assist with are:
• Abscesses
• Adhesions
• Bone Fractures
• Bowed Tendon
• Burns
• Cannon Bone prevention therapy
• Capped Elbow
• Condromalcia of Patella
• Contusions
• Cysts
• Dermatitis
• Edema
• Founder (Lamin)
• Healing Wounds
• Hoof Sand Cracks
• Inflammation
• Laminitis
• Lesions
• Lick Granuloma
• Ligaments
• Mange
• Mouth and Gum problems, Muscle soreness, tightness
• Navicular
• Ringbone
• General Pain
• Pastern Pain
• Proud Flesh
• Reproductive problems
• Saddle soreness
• Scars and Scar Tissue
• Sesamoiditis
• Shoe Boil
• Spavins
• Soft Tissue injuries
• Splints
• Stifle Injuries
• Strangles
• Suspensory injuries
• Tendon Injuries
• Throat issues
• Tying Up
• Windpuff
• Wounds
It helps by increasing the blood flow, which assists in lymphatic drainage, removal of lactic acid, anxiety & relieve tension, build top line, muscle tone & increase stride length, plus much more.
It is 100% non agressive, and is safe to use on broodmares.
I am located in Hazelwood South, and will cover Gippsland/Latrobe Valley.
Sessions go for 30 minutes, (The effects continue through the horse up to 5hrs after treatment)
My pricing is as follows:
$50 per session, (not including fuel cost, depending on your location)
If there are 3 or more horses at the one location, the cost is $40 per horse, (not including fuel cost, again depending on your location)
I have a 60km radius around Hazelwood, any location outside the 60km radius, I will attend only if there are 3 or more horses at the one location and fuel cost will be $50.
I also have loyalty cards, that you will recieve at your first session. Once you have had 5 sessions, you get the 6th session completely free!! Including no fuel charge.
(This would only apply to clients within the 60km radius. If you are outside this area, fuel will still be $50, but you get one session on 1 horse free, (with a minimum of 3 horses).
If you would like anymore information, or would like to book a session, please call or text me on: ******** 025 + click to reveal , or email me at: mar******@******com + click to reveal